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A Little Words About Us

Forever Changed Gospel Group is a dynamic ensemble that seamlessly blends the richness of gospel and contemporary worship. With a lineup of five passionate preachers, the group is dedicated to delivering a transformative musical experience that transcends traditional boundaries. Their performances are not just about music; they are a profound expression of love for ministry. Each member of the group wholeheartedly embraces their role as a messenger, channeling their deep devotion into every note and lyric. The love for ministry is evident in the powerful synergy of their voices, creating an atmosphere where spiritual connections are forged. Forever Changed Gospel Group isn’t just a musical ensemble; it’s a collective force of inspiration, weaving together gospel traditions and contemporary worship to leave audiences forever changed by the experience.


Meet Our Team

Terry & Rebeca Ledford
Vocalist / Minister

Meet Terry and Rebecca Ledford, a dynamic duo recently united in marriage, dedicated to serving in ministry and residing in the heart of Cleveland, TN. Terry, a Cleveland native, brings a wealth of experience as an ordained minister and former pastor. His passion for evangelism and lead singing led to the creation of Forever Changed, a testament to the transformative power of faith. Over the years, Terry has shared his gift of song and ministry with various family groups, witnessing countless souls saved and healed. His family includes three children: Katie and husband Chris Carnley, with Chris serving as the bass player; Terry Lee and wife Kayla; and the youngest daughter, Shayleigh, along with the joy of being a grandfather to Kyndal.
Rebecca, hailing from Polk County in East TN, has been immersed in ministry throughout her life. She has been an integral part of Mercy Tabernacle, lending her voice and leadership to worship services. As an ordained minister, Rebecca has a special calling to share her insights at Women’s meetings, adding her voice to the chorus of inspiration. Her singing is infused with fire and anointing, touching lives in profound ways. In her family, she proudly embraces her two sons: Jordan and wife Bailey, as well as Stanley, accompanied by a precious grandson named Asher.
Together, Terry and Rebecca Ledford form a harmonious partnership in both marriage and ministry, spreading the message of faith, love, and transformation. Their journey reflects a commitment to touching hearts through music, worship, and the spoken word, leaving an indelible mark on the lives they encounter.

Brian Stewart
Vocalist / Minister

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Mark McClanahan
Vocalist / Keyboards / Minister

Mark McClanahan is a talented musician from Nashville, TN.
He was raised in church all of his life and would eventually start playing in the church band. Later on he felt the calling on his life to become a Music Minister/Worship Pastor.
While in Nashville, Mark made many connections and began to do session work for piano and guitar.
He would eventually move to East Tn to become a full time Worship Pastor.
Mark currently lives in Cleveland TN and he is the Worship Pastor at Grace Community COG and the band director for Forever Changed.

S Ledford

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Support Staff

Without the support of our family members none of this would be possible

Clint Ledford
Guitarist / Minister

Clint began playing guitar at 8 years old at his home church which he now pastors. He later played in several groups traveling to various churches. Clint joined Forever Changed in 2021. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Tammy. They have one daughter, Chloé who lives in Virginia Beach, VA and married to Brooks Jackson who serves in the US Navy.

Clints gear consists of A Fender, G&L, and Frugoni. He plays thru Fender Amps. 

Scott Yarbrough
"The Train" aka Drummer

Scott “Train” Yarbrough, an American drummer hailing from East Tennessee, embodies a passionate and multifaceted musical spirit. Raised in the heart of Tennessee, his home church, Hopewell Church of God, serves as a nurturing ground for his musical talents. Scott donates his time to foster the growth of the youth music program, showcasing his commitment to the next generation of musicians. Beyond his drumming prowess, Scott is a versatile musician, proficient on the keyboard and guitar, occasionally providing backup keys on Sunday mornings. A dedicated father of three, his children span various stages of life, from kindergarten to college. Scott’s musical journey is complemented by his choice of equipment, favoring Pearl Drums and racks, Zildjian cymbals, along with Vater Drum Sticks reflecting his commitment to quality and precision in his craft. His rhythmic skills and musical versatility make Scott a cherished contributor to both his local church community and Forever Changed

Chris Carnley
Basist / Glue that holds us together

With a groove deeper than the Suwannee River, Chris Carnley lays down the low end with both finesse and fire. Raised in the Florida panhandle’s hotbed of southern gospel music, Chris took up the bass guitar at a young age, inspired by the soulful sounds that filled the churches of his youth. Now, he brings his spiritual style and technical chops to Forever Changed, locking into the pocket with his signature funky lines and driving the band with his percussive approach. Though deeply rooted in the past, Chris’s bass playing propels Forever Changed into the future of gospel music. Chris’s gear consists of a Music Man Stingray Bass and he runs it through a Helix pedalboard into a Mesa D800 amp. He may pull out an old favorite from time to time his Fender American Elite P-bass.

Jamie Carnley
Sound Engineer / Minister / Rhythm Guitar

Jamie Carnley is The Sound Engineer for Forever Changed. He has the hardest job of them all. Jamie is also a Musician and Pastor of a local church. Jamie love’s doing ministry whether it is playing music, preaching, praying or any other avenues that the ministry will take him down.  Jamie is often asked, “When did you decide to become a minister, and eventually a Pastor?” People often don’t understand when I say, “it was not my chosen profession…the Lord called me to this work.” The Hebrew writer said, “…no man taketh this honor unto himself, but he that is called of God…” he just wants to be a willing vessel, an immovable mouthpiece for the Lord. His vision and Drive for Forever Changed is that many lives will continue to be transformed, souls saved, and set free in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

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